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With more than 18 years of experience in consulting to the constantly changing IT industry, we define our solutions by innovation, security, reliability and support; by taking tried and tested solutions and moulding them around our clients operational needs.

We have extensive experience in server and workstation maintenance for production networks, as well as the ability to set up new networks, servers and workstations.
Our engineers are skilled in, not only Windows, but Linux, Novell, Unix and even some of the more exotic operating systems; both proprietary and open source.

We provide cost effective security and server solutions, with the help of open source software and operating systems, whereby allowing our clients a high level of stability and peace of mind.

Our hosting solutions conform to international standards with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and are cost effective for even the smallest company and/or ‘one man show’. We host both in South Africa and abroad and have facilities to host almost any web application from Windows to Linux and Unix.

We have a team of dedicated developers that can custom build software to suit your requirements and business processes, in a variety of programming languages like .NET, ASP, PHP, Perl and Python.

We provide probono support for various small organisations, friends and family but cannot under any circumstances warranty or guarantee such services, or accept any liability for any damage or data lost in the course of providing free services.

All in all it is our philosophy that your business IS our business so if we dont fix it you don’t pay.

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